In 1962, Farmer’s Building Supply was formed by Leon Stutzman and a partner named Max Yoder to supply the local farmers with fencing and posts.  The store was originally located on Williams Highway and can be seen as the building behind the dental office located at 1826 Williams Highway.  Leon and Max operated that store together until 1967, when the business moved to 1750 Dowell Road, the present site of Lewis Marine.  Two years later Leon and Max sold the business but bought it back in 1971.  It took six years to grow too large for that location and Farmer’s Building Supply then moved to it’s present location in 1977.    At that time, the original retail building and a much smaller outside yard was the entire operation.

In 1973 Leon and his partner Robert Mishier built Illinois Valley Building Supply on 434 Caves Highway in Cave Junction.  Mr. Mishier sold out to Leon in 1976, and then is was under different ownership between 1978 and 1982.  When Leon re-acquired the store after 4 years, he became the sole owner and has been blessed with steady business since that time.

In 1980 Rogue Truss Systems was formed and has grown from it’s original building (the present site of the gantry) to the multi-functional manufacturing facility you see presently. In fact, Rogue Truss Systems sold their first order to themselves, the trusses over the gantry!

Leon opened Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply in 1995 after renting the building to various other business owners.  In 2012 Farmer’s Feed & Pet Supply merge with Farmer’s Building Supply creating what is now Farmer’s Building & Feed Supply.

Leon’s wife Luella and their three sons have been major contributors to the success of the businesses since the onset.  The Stutzman family, now grown to include 12 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren, continue to offer their numerous abilities and talents in helping out with the businesses.